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Attention LiveJournal users! If you've ever wanted an author to write a story just for you, now's your chance!  To celebrate my new LJ account, I'm writing custom stories for anyone who adds me as a friend.  I'm even letting you pick the sub-genre and heat level! This giveaway is open to...

Keeva Cox

Bathed in Blood

I Need Reviewers

Do you want to read ‘Bathed in Blood’ or the ‘Poisoning of Ivy’ before they’re released to the general public?  Become a reviewer and you can! In exchange for giving an honest review of my work, reviewers get advance copies of my latest stories.  Reviews posted online will get some link love on my blog and portions of your review may even end up in the final eBook!  How awesome is that? Signing up is easy, so click here to …

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Bathed in Blood

bathed in blood cover

Available soon: ‘Bathed in Blood’, the first short story in a series based on Shannon L. Arrant’s Blood of Bathory universe!  Stay tuned for more details!

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