Custom Story Giveaway!

Attention LiveJournal users! If you've ever wanted an author to write a story just for you, now's your chance!  To celebrate my new LJ account, I'm writing custom stories for anyone who adds me as a friend.  I'm even letting you pick the sub-genre and heat level! This giveaway is open to...

Keeva Cox


Welcome to my new blog!  You’ll find all the latest updates on my stories, my life, and my dogs here (no website of mine would be complete without them, after all!)

Feel free to stay awhile and chat with me over comments, Twitter, or my Facebook page.  I’d love to get to know all of you better.  Most importantly, I’d love to hear the sort of stories you’d like me to see from me and the types of characters you’d like me to write about.  While I definitely enjoying writing the things I do, I love knowing you enjoy them, too!

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